La Salle County
Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Miguel A. Rodriguez
Elected terms
2013-17, 2017-21
La Salle County Courthouse, 101 Courthouse Square, 
Cotulla, Texas 78014; (830) 879-3044

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What's happening?

Emergency closure

The La Salle County Courthouse will be closed to the public from 2 pm onwards, Friday, September 21, for emergency water line repairs. Government offices and the La Salle County Sheriff's Office in the courthouse will be vacated for the remainder of the day.


All La Salle County citizens are urged to take precautions as daytime temperatures remain in the high 90s and low 100s, including finding shade and remaining hydrated.

Children playing outdoors should be able to reach fresh drinking water at every opportunity and should be supervised by an adult.

Area residents are encouraged to check on elderly relatives and friends frequently and ensure that they remain in properly ventilated areas.

Early signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke include elevated pulse, excessive sweating followed by the inability to sweat, dizziness and disorientation, fainting and loss of consciousness.

Anyone experiencing heat distress should seek assistance immediately, move indoors or to a shaded area, drink water and avoid caffeine, and rest from strenuous exercise.

All city and county residents are asked to provide a continual supply of drinking water and full shade to all animals, and to check their condition frequently. Dogs kept on chains should be able to reach shade and water at all times, and should be checked to ensure their chains are not tangled. Animals left untended in harmful conditions may be confiscated by the city animal control officer.

Highway construction

The IH-35 east-side access road between Cotulla and Gardendale remains closed for construction of a new intersection leading to the Cotulla truck bypass loop, which is presently being built between the interstate at milemarker 70 and Hwy 97 on the east side of Cotulla. 
Traffic will be diverted to the west-side access road for the duration of the project and may cross under the interstate at Exit 69 (North Main Street / Business IH-35) and at Exits 73 (North) and 74 (South) in Gardendale. 

Road closures

Information on road closures across the region is available from the Texas Department of Transportation at 1-800-452-9292 or
For road conditions and traffic updates within the eight-county Laredo District, follow the TxDOT Laredo District at
The TxDOT Laredo District serves Dimmit, Duval, Kinney, La Salle, Maverick, Val Verde, Webb & Zavala counties.

Recent activities...

Public functions, community events and 
special projects involving the Sheriff's Office

September 11, 2018

American mourning

The Stars and Stripes and the Lone Star flag are lowered to half staff on Tuesday, September 11, in front of the La Salle County Courthouse and at all government and public places in honor of more than 3,000 civilians, law enforcement officers, firefighters, medics and other first responders who lost their lives in simultaneous terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington DC, and an airliner over Pennsylvania.  

September 6, 2018


La Salle County first responders including firefighters, sheriff’s deputies, constables and Texas state troopers gathered at Veterans Park in downtown Cotulla on Thursday morning, September 6, for a salute to a group of Laredo-based US armed forces veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam, who were making their annual trip to San Antonio for the commemorative Honor Flight. The La Salle Fire Rescue & EMS hoisted the Stars and Stripes high above Main Street to celebrate the veterans’ arrival by charter coach; all available officers and crew members joined the veterans on the steps of the La Salle County Courthouse for a photo opportunity and took turns thanking the personnel for their service to country. Several of the county’s emergency responders and law enforcement officers are also veterans of the US armed forces and include men and women who served in Vietnam, Cold War, Gulf War, Balkan and Afghan conflicts.

August 15, 2018

La Salle County Reserve Deputy and TCOLE Instructor Robert Armstrong led a class in the county courthouse on Wednesday, August 15, for local law enforcement officers on the use of body-worn cameras, bringing all deputies into full compliance with the mandatory instruction. The class covered origins of body-worn camera use by law enforcement, advantages to officers and to the general public of having all contacts filmed and preserved for the record, and legislative updates and legal issues related to the use of body-worn cameras. Class participants viewed footage of incidents in which visual evidence recorded by officers’ cameras helped clarify circumstances surrounding the use of force and other occasions when the recordings assisted in proper documentation and reporting of police contact with the public. The class concluded with an overview of camera use as covered by the law on public information, and a test featuring each of the principal points of the curriculum. Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez also addressed the class with an introduction on the values of camera footage as evidence and reiterated that he believes all officers are greatly advantaged by having the supportive material in their case reports.

On the

August 8, 2018

Minute by minute...

The La Salle County Local Emergency Planning Committee hosted a tabletop exercise in the Emergency Operations Center in Cotulla on Wednesday afternoon, August 8, involving the energy industry, emergency responders, law enforcement and support services in a response drill for an incident at a well on a jobsite one mile northwest of Cotulla. The exercise served to bring together all those who play a critical role in the initial response, assessment and containment of a spill or leak, including the energy industry itself, local government, transportation, specialty response services, state and federal authorities, and local organizations, emergency dispatchers and communications. Factors involved in the tabletop drill included establishing an
exclusion zone, assessing weather conditions, direction of any airborne chemicals, determining whether all persons in the immediate vicinity of the incident are accounted for, extraction of any injured, setting up muster sites, an incident command station and an emergency medical station for decontamination, organizing area evacuation, and responding to public and media inquiry through a single point of contact. Contributing information in the drill were Mark Mollman of Chesapeake Energy (Photo above) and Chief Daniel Mendez of the La Salle Fire Rescue & EMS (Above right) as the first responder. The event was coordinated by Michelle Joseph and Chief Don Smith of Soteria Solutions and included an opportunity for participants to provide input on strengths and weaknesses they perceived in the disaster response and management.

August 3, 2018

La Salle County Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez and his staff hosted a farewell luncheon Friday, August 3, for Deputy Michael Sauceda on his last day of duty with the law enforcement agency before he leaves for training with the US Border Patrol, where he recently applied for a position and has been accepted. He will undergo USBP training at Artesia, New Mexico, before taking his first duty station position at Eagle Pass South, in the USBP Del Rio Sector. Pictured with the departing officer (Photo above) are Chief Deputy Earl Heath and Sheriff Rodriguez, along with Sauceda's parents and brothers. Sauceda comes from a tradition of USBP agents, as his father, uncle and several other family members have pursued careers with the agency. Among the many officers and staff present at the luncheon in the La Salle County Steakhouse  (Photo below, L-R) were Constable Rene Maldonado, Deputies Ricardo Valdez, Jose Solis, Jose Cardenas III and Arnold Cadena; Chief Deputy Earl Heath, Deputy Sauceda, Sheriff Rodriguez, Deputy Jose Avila, Sgt. Investigator Esmeralda Gonzalez, Investigator Homar Olivarez, Sgt. Rickey Galvan and Victims' Advocate Rosario Morales. Corrections officers, Border Patrol agents, Texas Rangers, DPS Highway Patrol troopers and officers of other agencies also attended.    

Happy trails to you

August 1, 2018

All the
groovy gear

A young Cotulla student is one of hundreds who visited booths at the annual Back to School Health Fair in the AB Alexander Convention Center in Cotulla on Wednesday afternoon, August 1, where school supplies, useful family health and community services information, and contact with providers and counselors was available to all. Every student visiting the information booths was also able to pick up a free backpack to help start off the new academic year. Among those present to greet the youths and their parents and to provide supplies as well as novelties (firefighter hats and trinkets included) were the La Salle County Sheriff's Office, the La Salle Fire Rescue & EMS, the Texas AgriLife County Extension agent and 4H advisor, healthcare providers from across the region, school representatives, service agencies, businesses and the energy industry. Backpacks were distributed by EP Energy with support from Health Fair partners. The day's activities continued at Myers Memorial Stadium, where students and parents took part in a health walk for family-friendly outdoor fitness and enjoyed snacks, foods and drinks. (For more, see 'PHOTOS')

July 27, 2018

Heads up

La Salle County Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez addresses attendees at the Friday, July 27, class for regional law enforcement officers on de-escalating crisis situations, appropriate use of force and decision-making skills, adding an emphasis on the value of body-worn cameras and maintaining high standards of ethics in all contacts with the public. The class was attended by sheriff's deputies, constables, correctional officers and administrators from agencies across South Texas.

July 25, 2018

Time to study...

La Salle County Deputies Jose Cardenas III, Jose Solis and Cesar Villarreal were among dozens of law enforcement officers from across the region attending an all-day class in the county's Emergency Operations Center on Wednesday, July 25, taught by TCOLE Instructor Robert Armstrong on de-escalating situations of crisis or anguish among members of the public, with a special emphasis on the new Sandra Bland Act and the need for officers to use critical decision-making techniques to provide appropriate response to persons displaying signs of mental distress. Also attending the mandatory class were members of the Dimmit, Edwards, Maverick and Zavala county sheriffs' offices, the George West Police Department, and La Salle County correctional officers and emergency dispatchers. The class is also offered in Encinal and again in La Salle County during the remainder of the week.  
(For more, see 'PHOTOS')

July 24, 2018

Powerful cell...

A sudden storm burst with dangerous wind gusts, heavy rain and some hail struck homes and businesses near the IH-35 access road in Cotulla shortly before sundown on Tuesday, July 24, resulting in the destruction of the Taco Palenque restaurant sign (photo), temporary blockage of the access road and North Baylor Street, and damage to some residences. Witnesses have described a storm cell with tornadic characteristics. Road closures remain in effect Tuesday evening; all motorists are urged to use extreme caution in heavy weather and be prepared for delays or detours.

July 19, 2018

Ready to Roll

The La Salle County Sheriff's Office welcomed its newest reserve deputy to the force in a brief courtroom ceremony on Thursday, July 19, when the oath of office was administered to Robert Perez by Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez, who also pinned the new reserve with his peace officer badge. Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Vicki Rodriguez presided. Perez is a native of Eagle Pass and recently retired from a career with the US Border Patrol. As a reserve deputy, he will serve La Salle County as a law enforcement officer when called upon to provide additional manpower, such as in the event of a crisis or in disaster response, and at community festivals and parades attended by large crowds.
(Courtesy photo)

July 3, 2018


A crew from the local office of the Texas Department of Transportation is dispatched to the scene of a mid-morning crude oil spill at the intersection of North Main Street and Hwy 97 in downtown Cotulla on Tuesday, July 3, to pour hundreds of pounds of sand and grit onto the thick oil that may have leaked from a tanker truck waiting at the traffic light. Using a front-end loader and by raking the grit over the crude, the crew was able to prompt absorbtion prior to shoveling the spilled liquid off the road. Assistance with traffic control and safety was provided by the La Salle Fire Rescue and the La Salle County Sheriff's Office. No charges have been filed in the case to date. 

June 30, 2018

Proud to wave the red, white and blue

Clients of the La Salle County Elderly Nutrition Center enjoy displaying their patriotism on one of the floats in the annual Independence Day Parade hosted by the city of Cotulla and the Main Street Program through the middle of town on Saturday morning, June 30. The parade included elected officials, law enforcement and emergency responders, student groups and sports clubs, business representatives, and the La Salle County Fair ambassadors. The day's festivities continued at Veterans Park downtown with food and game booths, live entertainment and a fireworks display over an evening concert and street dance. (For more, see 'PHOTOS')

June 12, 2018

La Salle County residents, courthouse staff, government officials and friends attended a fundraising painting class in the Larry Griffin Emergency Operations Center in Cotulla on Tuesday evening, June 12, including (L-R) George and Elizabeth Martinez, Estella Olivarez and JL Rios. Proceeds from 'Painting for a Cause' benefited the Children's Alliance of South Texas Child Advovcacy Center and its ongoing work to serve youngsters who have been the victims of abuse and neglect, and to provide access to forensic and therapeutic services, intervention and public education. The Children's Alliance mission is "To provide a place where the trauma ends and justice and healing begin." The fundraiser also included a silent auction of items that had been donated for the cause. (For more, see 'PHOTOS')

All the colors
of our lives...

June 11, 2018

Letter to the community...

A powerful experience

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the people of La Salle County, the business owners and civic leaders, for their heartwarming show of support to visiting armed forces veterans who traveled through Cotulla in a convoy on Saturday, June 9.

The men and women who served their country in uniform in World War II, Korea and Vietnam were traveling from San Antonio to La Salle County for a function at the Talbert L Bar Ranch and were escorted through town by local veterans, law enforcement and motorcyclists.

It was an emotionally powerful experience to see so many members of our community step forward to salute those brave military veterans on their way through town, and to witness the genuine heartfelt welcome from the people of La Salle County to those who served their country.


Miguel Rodriguez
La Salle County Sheriff

June 9, 2018

We salute you

Members of the La Salle Fire Rescue & EMS raise the Stars and Stripes over Main Street in downtown Cotulla on Saturday, June 9, to join local law enforcement and community residents in welcoming a convoy of US armed forces veterans from World War II, Vietnam and Korean conflicts en route under motorcycle escort through town to an appreciation banquet at the Talbert L Bar Ranch. The San Antonio-area veterans traveled through several South Texas towns on their way to La Salle County.
(Courtesy photo)

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