Public events, community functions, festivals and other activities
involving officers and staff of the
La Salle County Sheriff's Office

This is who we are...

The annual Safety  ID Kit program hosted at Encinal Elementary and at Ramirez/Burks Elementary School in Cotulla on Thursday, May 18, by the Woman's Club of Cotulla and the La Salle County Sheriff's Office involved completing fingerprint cards for all of the school district's Kindergarten students. Taking part this year from the Woman's Club were Mildred Allen, Dorothy Kinsel, Liz Whitwell and Novella Byrd; the Sheriff's Office was represented by Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez, Captain Jose Garcia, Sgt. Investigator Esmeralda Gonzales, and Investigator Homar Olivarez. Also assisting were Texas Ranger Randy Garcia; US Border Patrol Agent in Charge Sammy Posada, USBP Special Operations Supervisor Jose Gonzales, and Agents Manuel Sauceda and Victor Villarreal; Justice of the Peace Vicki Rodriguez; Encinal Principal Louisa Franklin and staffmembers Carla Saldivar and Anabel Garcia; and the teachers and paraprofessionals of the Ramirez/Burks school. Children's completed ID kits are sent home to parents for use in the event of an accident or crisis, and include useful information for children's safety.

It's a
Egg Time
in Cotulla!

Welcome to the 5th annual Sheriff's Office Easter Egg Hunt, Thursday, April 13, at Veterans Park

Great Big Easter Fun

Welcome to the 5th annual Egg Hunt at Veterans Park in Encinal, Sunday, April 9, 2017

Children of all ages in Encinal gathered at the county park on Sunday afternoon, April 9, for the La Salle County Sheriff's Office fifth annual Easter Egg Hunt, which included fields of eggs with treats for different age groups and prize drawings for Easter baskets filled with toys and treats; bicycles, tricycles, scooters, skateboards and riding toys. Gifts were made possible through donations by local residents, county government officials, local business sponsorships and contributions from companies doing business in the area. The popular event also included appearances by Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny and the Easter Carrot.

Can you handle the juice?

La Salle County correctional officers underwent a training course at the Emergency Operations Center in Cotulla on Wednesday, April 12, in which they were subjected to doses of OC pepper spray before facing a human obstacle course in a simulated intervention involving the eventual take-down and handcuffing of a subject. The course instructed by the Alamo Area Council of Governments served to expose the jailers to a standard dose of the non-lethal propellant that is used to suppress aggressive subjects.

Visit the county's newest fire truck for Encinal

The latest addition to the fleet of emergency response vehicles operated by the La Salle Fire Rescue & EMS was put on display in front of the county courthouse Monday afternoon, April 3, by Fire Chief Les Simmons and his firefighter crew. The county's new pumper truck features a number of optional extras, including quick-deploying hoses, hand tools and other devices readily available for use in an emergency. The fire brigade has also secured purchase of new hydraulic and battery-powered portable extrication devices, the Jaws of Life, through its recent equipment purchase. Priced at more than $800,000, the new fire engine will be deployed to the county's new fire station in Encinal, in order to provide fast response in the southern portion of the county. Monday's visitors at the demonstration included La Salle County Judge Joel Rodriguez, Commissioners Raul Ayala, Erasmo Ramirez, Jack Alba and Noel Niavez; County Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez and officers; county government and elected officials, County Attorney Elizabeth Martinez, Tax Assessor Dora Gonzales, County Clerk Margie Esqueda and Treasurer Thelma Trevino, and Eagle Ford Consortium Chairman Leodoro Martinez.

Bonjour, tout le monde...

Welcome to the "Piggies in Paris" Cotulla Wild Hog Cook-Off Parade
Saturday, March 11, 2017

Community members celebrated Wild Hog Weekend in humorous French style this year with a 'Piggies in Paris' theme. Saturday's parade featured Grand Marshal Mike Whitwell, former NFL player for the Cleveland Browns, and his wife Jamie, as well as Native American veterans, high school bands from Cotulla and Dilley, McGruff the Crimefighting Dog, and scores of civic, church and student groups, Fair Queens, businesses, law enforcement and emergency responders.
(Photos: Esmeralda Gonzales) 

Ready for the road

La Salle County Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez (Photo left) rallies his officers for an inspection and briefing shortly before the start of the annual Wild Hog Cook-Off Parade through downtown Cotulla on Saturday morning, March 11. The senior officers, deputies and reserve deputies spent the day patrolling the county fairgrounds during the festival.

That girl can hunt...

La Salle County Deputy Cesar Villarreal was the willing test subject for a training session with County Constable Rene Maldonado and his K9 Officer, Ellie, at the county impound yard on Friday, March 3. The dog demonstrated how she will take down a suspect on command and how she responds to threats.

  Elementary school students sing their favorite Christmas songs on the La Salle County Courthouse lawn, Wednesday, December 14  

Joy to the World...

La Salle County Thanksgiving luncheon, Martinez Park Pavilion, November 22

All together now

La Salle County hosted a Thanksgiving luncheon for all its employees at the Martinez Park Pavilion on Tuesday, November 22, with a meal of barbecued sausage and chicken catered by Cowpokes of Pearsall. An invocation was offered by La Salle County Lt. Mike Bostwick; welcomes and messages of thanks were given by La Salle County Judge Joel Rodriguez and Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez. Door prizes included gift certificates from local businesses, housewares, electronics and a flat-screen television.

Everyone welcome at the Thanksgiving table

La Salle County government staff, firefighters, paramedics and law enforcement joined community members Thursday, November 17 for a traditional turkey luncheon at the Elderly Nutrition Center in downtown Cotulla.


La Salle County Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez addressed the public shortly before the auction of 22 cars, trucks and vans at the county impound yard on North Main Street in Cotulla on Friday, November 18 (Photos this page). The auction was hosted by Sgt. Rickey Galvan, assisted by Chief Deputy Malcolm Watson and Deputy Juan Mirelez. Also in attendance were administrators Norma Miranda, Rosario Morales and Amanda Carbajal with County Treasurer Thelma Trevino.
The county collected over $29,000 in revenues at the auction. Funds from the sales are used to pay towing fees; the remainder benefits the sheriff's office for the purchase of law enforcement equipment and officers' supplies.


Veterans of the US armed forces gathered at the Las Palmas Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center last week to mark Veterans Day with a salute to those who served their country in uniform, hosted by the nursing home and including a special tribute to the service of local World War II veterans Santos Galindo and Ralph Boeker, who were presented with gifts of appreciation and who also helped cut the cake for the celebration that followed. An invocation was given by Brother Loren Fast of the First Baptist Church; commendations and honors to the featured veterans were read by La Salle Sgt. and Veterans Service Officer Rickey Galvan and La Salle Lt. Mike Bostwick; and special thanks were offered in a speech by American Legion Post 409 Commander Paul Niaves. Those in attendance included a number of veterans presently serving in the La Salle County Sheriff's Office; Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez, local business owners and retirees; and family members of area residents who have served their country.   

Something strange
in the

La Salle County Courthouse staff from various departments of government took part Monday. October 31 in a Halloween costume contest, in which the overall champions were the ladies of the La Salle County Sheriff's Office, Norma Miranda, Rosario Morales, Amanda Carbajal and Tina Alba, dressed as the Ghostbusters. Division winners included La Salle County Judge Joel Rodriguez and staff Vanessa Reyes and Jacinta Cruz as the Cat in the Hat with Thing One and Thing Two, Sheriff's Office Investigator Homar Olivarez as Forrest Gump, Juan Luis Rios as a grumpy old man, and Cris Galvan and Crystal Esparza as witches.

Treats for Tots:
Bringing goodies to the youngsters
at Cotulla ISD PEP Center, Oct. 31

Festival at Cotulla's
Kids First Center, Oct. 31:
Safety, Harvest & Halloween bring out favorite characters

Let your light shine forth

Attendees at the annual Candlelight Vigil hosted by the Wintergarden Women's Shelter and the La Salle County Sheriff's Office in downtown Cotulla on Thursday evening, October 20, included local high school students, law enforcement officers and elected officials as well as those who serve victims of domestic violence and who help intervene in cases of abuse and neglect. The Wintergarden Women's Shelter and the Child Advocacy Center operated by the Children's Alliance of South Texas have handled several cases in which family members and youngsters have spoken up against their abusers. The vigil included prayers and testimonials as part of October's designation as Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention Month. A message of hope was delivered with reminders of the numbers of people who have become victims of domestic violence; investigators stressed the importance of reporting offenses before further crimes are committed.

A story of South Texas...

...a story of our town

A new mural now on public view facing Veterans Park in downtown Cotulla was painted by Laredo artist Gil Rocha (Pictured, top, with Main Street Program Manager Patsy Leigh) and was unveiled Wednesday evening, October 12, in a ceremony attended by State Representative Ryan Guillen, Cotulla family descendant Betty Child and representatives of the Cotulla Main Street Program's board and committees, the city of Cotulla and La Salle County government (Photos this page). Joining the festivities were local residents of all ages enjoying live music on Front and Center streets, and students hosting a fundraisig bake sale. The mural depicts the history of Cotulla and La Salle County with images of founder Joseph Cotulla and his first artesian well, the railroad, teacher and future US President Lyndon Johnson, agriculture, historic buildings, and the oil industry. Guest speakers lauded the historic preservation program and civic leaders for highlighting the community's colorful history.  

Cowboy Pride

Cotulla ISD athletes, band members, cheerleaders, club members, business and community representatives, elected officials, Queens and young ambassadors, parents and friends took part in the annual CHS Homecoming Parade on Thursday evening, Sept. 29, on streets between the Newman and Ramirez/Burks campuses, ending at the La Salle County Courthouse for a pep rally. Escorting the cavalcade were the La Salle County Sheriff's Office, Encinal Police Department, Texas Highway Patrol and La Salle County Fire & Rescue.                                                  (Photos: Marc Robertson)

This is
for the

The La Salle County Sheriff's Office amateur bowlers, the Gutter Patrol, competed in a friendly tournament against more than 30 other teams representing advocacy groups, law enforcement, civic organizations, elected officers, Texas A&M University, local and regional government and others at Laredo's Jett Bowl North on Tuesday evening, August 23, helping raise thousands of dollars for the Children's Advocacy Center in the fourth annual Strike Against Child Abuse. The event included three games per team, door prizes, a fundraising raffle, food and refreshments. Representing La Salle County were Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez, Captain Joey Garcia, Victims' Advocate Rosario Rodriguez, Sgt. Investigator Esmeralda Gonzalez and Investigator Homar Olivarez.  

Update on evidence filing

Assistant District Attorney Monica Strickland of the 81st Judicial District gave a presentation and training course to local law enforcement officers in the La Salle County Emergency Operations Center on Friday, August 19, with a focus on procedures now required by law for documentation of evidence, allowing prosecutors and defense attorneys to keep track of materials associated with investigations, including witness statements, video recordings and photographic evidence. The assistant DA noted that improved documentation enables prosecutors to identify quickly which items have been turned over as evidence. Among those attending the course on Friday were deputies, investigators and senior officers of the La Salle County Sheriff's Office, the Frio County Sheriff's Office, the Dilley Police Department and the Union Pacific Railroad Police.

Great rides on display at the
SADD Club Car Show, August 13

The Students Against Destructive Decisions Club at Cotulla High School hosted a fundraising car show and fajita cook-off at Veterans Park, Aug. 13.

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Over 330 children accompanied by 163 parents and community members attnded the annual Health Fair in the AB Alexander Convention Center on Tuesday, August 2. The event included distribution of free backpacks and school supplies for various age groups, information on family services and resources, health and safety tips, advice on home and neighborhood safety, and many photo opportunities as well as refreshments and assorted goodies. The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center hosted a blood drive outside. Participants of all ages and abilities later met at the high school stadium for the traditional fitness walk and run at sundown.  

Come and have a free
health check-up!

Grand Opening Martinez Park Sports Complex,
July 21

For full story, see 'FEATURES'

The Thin Blue Line... A ceremony for fallen officers

Representatives of all local and regional law enforcement agencies and emergency responders, dispatchers, administrators, support staff, family and friends attended La Salle County's special ceremony Thursday morning, July 14, for officers who have been killed in the line of duty, with a focus on five who were killed in Dallas a week earlier. Speakers included Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez, former Sheriff Victor Villarreal, Investigator Homar Olivarez and District Attorney Rene Pena. Music was provided by Kevin Coleman; a recessional prayer was offered by County Tax Assessor Dora Gonzales. Special visitors included former Cotulla Night Watchman Santos Galindo, 94, and District Judge Donna Rayes.    

Special Olympics,
June 15
in Cotulla

Representing law enforcement agencies and emergency responders from across La Salle County at the first 'Tip-a-Cop' fundraising program for Special Olympics Texas, held at El Charro Restaurant in Cotulla at lunchtime on Wednesday, June 15 (Photos this page), were Lieutenant Joey Garcia, Sgt. Rickey Galvan, and Deputies Joe Pargas, Jose Cardenas III and Leo Martinez of the La Salle County Sheriff's Office; Texas Highway Patrol Sgt. Tanner Purvis and Troopers Tony Ayala and Jose Graciano; La Salle Fire & Rescue Chief David Nickell and Firefighter Daniel Mendez; Agents Ernest Martinez and Marie Mireles of the US Border Patrol; and correctional officers and staff members Luis Linares, Cindy Cruz, Joanna Olivarez and Regina Sanchez of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Also present to greet guests and support the fundraiser were La Salle County Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez, Texas Ranger Randy Garcia and DPS Capt. Ruben Galindo. The volunteers worked as waitstaff at the restaurant, bringing drinks and food to customers who then made contributions to Special Olympics or bought t-shirts. The event raised more than $1,600 over a two-hour period.